Smart Classroom Technologies & Modern Teaching Methods

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Technology has changed how students learn. From remote learning to Virtual Reality, the evolution of classroom technology is now full-blown. The Covid-19 pandemic only tipped the scale in the education sector after many years of conservative application.

Technology is seen in class in the form of gadgets, apps, and learning platforms. Modern teaching methods are now heavily reliant on technology as opposed to the previous setup where there was a lot of insistent on physical learning.

Here is how teaching has changed thanks to technology.

Online learning

The traditional teaching model demanded the physical presence of the teacher in class. The argument was that such a teacher will discern student response to ensure that the kid understood the subject being taught. However, technology has allowed people to learn remotely. In the wake of social distancing brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, the physical presence of the teacher has taken a peripheral position.

Online learning was reserved for college students. The definition of a classrooms then and now has changed as less attention goes to socialization among students. It is no longer necessary for students to study in the same school environment. Students in lower grades are also learning online, thanks to technology.

AI in education

The assessment was a huge challenge for tutors. There was a belief in physical examination to prevent cheating and monitor students’ responses. Today, technology has allowed examinations to proceed online. Pop-up windows and limited time windows for exams are the norms. AI is also choosing questions randomly to avoid cheating.

The evolution of educational technology has also seen apps and online platforms assess the challenges a student is facing when learning online. When a student takes long on an exercise or answers particular questions wrongly, AI generates data that recommends more revision or an easier academic path. Machines can now perform the assessment that was reserved for people.


The evolution of classroom technology involves gadgets and online platforms. Virtual Reality is one of the biggest inventions in education technology. Students can perform experiments without using dangerous chemicals and simulate the results. They can also visit space, museums, factories, and witness natural phenomenon while still in class. It has cut down the cost of learning while making the classroom more engaging.

Collaboration tools

One of the greatest worries for people in the education sector about the adoption of technology was the inability to collaborate. People need to be together to discuss ideas and produce a single document. It is amazing how technology changed education because we have collaboration platforms that allow online discussions and tracking individual inputs on a document. Such tools and platforms eliminate the fear of lack of collaboration during learning.

Technology has changed how students learn and tutors teach. Students are completing an entire online course without stepping into a physical campus because of technology. It is also easier to upgrade your skills or even learn from the basics because of technology. Overall, technology has made learning easier and more convenient for everyone around the world.

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